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Geaux Green with eGEAUX Green!! A wide variety of better living products from Fresh Air Purification units to Water Treatment Products.....eGEAUX Green is your ECO friendly place to shop!! Clean air is vital to the body, and it's important for you and your whole family. So, if air is so important, shouldn't it be the best it can be? Sometimes it's just a lingering odour, or a spouse who hasn't yet kicked the tobacco habit. Many simply want peace of mind that their families are not breathing the stuff found growing in the basement. EcoQuest air purification products have stood the test of time, with over 5 million units sold and a 98% positive customer satisfaction rating. Our ActivePure technology is unique and our philosophy is simple research the natural processes happening outside, and use technology to re-create those effects for cleaner, fresher air inside. Living Water Ultra is a revolutionary water filtration system that removes contaminants, including totally dissolved solid matter, leaving you with clear, great-tasting water. Every Living Water Ultra includes the same tester used in national laboratories to evaluate the presence of contaminants. Test your tap or bottled water, then test water filtered by your Living Water Ultra. Living Water Ultra uses a patented filter technology to remove undesirable contaminants. Everything you drink or cook with that uses water will be improved, and everyone will notice the difference.


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