INTEGRATION Environment & Energy GmbH

Service Provider in Graefenberg

INTEGRATION offers consultancy in the field of environmental and energy related issues to public and state-owned institutions, industries, enterprises and private clients. The impacts of industry and technology on our environment are most complex and, therefore, cannot be defined as simple cause-effect relationships. The understanding of such problems and the elaboration of effective measures to rehabilitate an already devastated environment respectively its protection requires a close cross-sectoral cooperation of excellent professionals and a multidisciplinary integrated approach. Consequently, our technology and industry related approach is following these guidelines, combining the specialized know-how of experts from different sectors of engineering science but also covering institutional development, economics and social sciences. INTEGRATION is an independent consultancy company specialising in project management, with a focus on developing countries and emerging markets. Since its establishment in 1976, the company has carried out well over 1000 assignments mandated by German and international financing agencies, at the service of ministries and institutions in the partner countries. Based on a solid track record in over 80 countries INTEGRATION carries out a wide range of short, medium and long-term assignments in emerging markets and developing countries.



Bahnhofstrasse 9
Graefenberg D91322
+4 (969) 913-3430

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