Artemis Water Strategy

Service Provider in San Francisco, California

Artemis is a strategy consultancy focused upon advanced water technology. It works with leading organizations including Walmart, Intel and IBM to seek out proven water tech solutions that provide cost savings, efficiency for the short term and resilience for the long term. Artemis' Resilient Water Operations (RWO) analysis provides a comprehensive continuous process for examining water use, prioritizing opportunities for building water resilience and charting key performance indicators. It examines installations holistically to identify water and energy costs, risks and synergies. The Artemis RWO builds on best practices from the world's leading operations to identify the most promising proven technologies, guide pilots and determine best financial and technical outcomes. Through Artemis Top 50 competitions, Artemis gains a deep understanding of how the emerging leaders in water tech are applying advanced chemistry, biology and engineering innovation to lead market transformation around the world. Over 1000 companies have participated from 17 countries. The Top 50 convenes a jury of leading Fortune 100 corporations such as IBM, Intel, GE, CH2M Hill, Syngenta, Archer Daniels Midland, McKinsey and Veolia to rate the technology, benefits and business viability of each company.



126-1016 Lincoln Boulevard
San Francisco, California
USA 94129
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