Manufacturer/Supplier in Taren Point

Clean-tech company, BioGill, was established to commercialise cutting-edge wastewater treatment technology developed in the laboratories of the Australian Federal Government Agency, ANSTO. Worldwide patents are now in place for both the gill technology and the wastewater treatment process. BioGills are manufactured using a Nano-Ceramic Membrane™ incorporated into a bioreactor that effectively operates as both a “stomach” and a “lung”. Bacteria and other microorganisms “eat” waste out of the water and “breathe” air to grow and multiply. The microorganisms develop on membranes folded to form a series of “gills”. Wastewater travels down between these “gills” and oxygen is freely available, providing the ideal environment for microorganisms. The result is a treating biomass of 10-15 times that of conventional biological wastewater treatment systems. The BioGill system is proven effective in treating grey water, sewage and wastewater from aquaculture, food and beverage processing and a wide range of other industrial streams.



15/3 Box Road
Taren Point NSW2229
+6 (128) 513-7555

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