Exodus Reality Adventures

Service Provider in New Richmond, Wisconsin

Exodus Reality Adventures leads intimate tours to Egypt, retracing the steps of British archaeologist Dr. John Ward and historian Scotty Roberts’ expedition in the writing of “The Exodus Reality.” Exodus Reality Adventure’s next tour is February 12-26, 2014. Scottish medium and spiritual worker, Chris Conway, joins Exodus Reality Adventures bringing a spiritual and paranormal dimension to what ancient historian Manetho referred to as “Dynasties of gods, demigods and spirits of the dead.” The Exodus Reality adventure traces the footsteps of Moses, Hatshepsut, Senenmut, Amenhotep, Hapu and Thutmoses, seeking the real Moses and the Exodus – but this is NOT a bible study tour. Exodus Reality Adventures delves the depths of ancient Egyptian spirituality, historical records and archaeological sites, exploring the temples and palaces of ancient Egypt.



701 Nevada Avenue
New Richmond, Wisconsin
USA 54017
(651) 468-8115

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