Aqua-Guard Spill Response, Inc.

Service Provider in North Vancouver, British Columbia

World leaders in the design, fabrication and supply of state of the art oil spill response equipment and services since 1968. Aqua-Guard develops comprehensive and cost effective solutions that mitigate the financial and environmental risks associated with oil spills. The company’s state-of-the-art oil skimming systems have been used to clean-up some of the worst environmental disasters in recent history. As long as the world depends on petroleum products the risk of oil spills remain. Aqua-Guard continues to be at the forefront of technology development. Complete Solutions: Aqua-Guard is a total solutions provider. The company’s team of experts will work closely with you to determine the best scope of equipment and services for your needs. Proven Effective Patented Technology: Aqua-Guard designs and manufactures the best available oil spill response equipment from its Canadian factories and headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Aqua-Guard specializes in the design and supply or medium to large offshore oil skimming systems, primarily to the offshore supply vessel industry. Aqua-Guard was heavily involved in the spill response efforts in the Gulf of Mexico with the supply of personnel, expertise and equipment.



100-1055 W. 14th Street
North Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada V7P3P2
(604) 980-4899

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