Environmental Compliance Services, Inc.

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Doing the right thing for the environment should be a profit driver, not a cost. The value of your business assets buildings, land, and reputation exists within the context of the environment we all live in. And doing the right thing, day in and day out, increases the value of your assets and your profitability over the long term. We wake up every day trying to figure out how to help our clients transform a costĀ into a profitable impact for their bottom lines. Our ideal client is willing to step out of the typical way of doing things to transform the possible into the profitable. Environmental Compliance Services, Inc. (ECS) was founded in 1982 by Mark Hellstein. Mark's career began shortly after the EPA was formed as he worked in the United Technologies organization helping them maneuver through the tangle of new clean air and clean water regulations. Mark had the opportunity to work alongside representatives of trade and industry associations to craft legislation. He later worked on subcommittees that drew up hazardous waste regulations for his home state of Massachusetts. Armed with little more than a shovel and a pickup truck, and working out of his parents' basement, Mark began the venture of ECS with unbridled enthusiasm. In the early years, compliance was the major focus as Mark targeted clients from small corner gas stations to large industrial manufacturers such as Smith and Wesson. More than 30 years later, ECS continues to focus on client needs as changes in regulation and legislation continue to impact their business operations. Our employees have been trained to not only handle the most challenging technical issues for clients, but also to ensure our solutions are integrated into their overall business needs. Working as a trusted partner with our clients, we can ensure that the objectives of a clean environment and successful businesses are met. Our employees are our single most important asset. ECS is first and foremost a knowledge firm. Our employees knowledge about the environment, the most effective way to help our clients maintain their profitability, and the regulations our clients must comply with is what sets us apart from our competition. Our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is a key investment in our employee assets. Each and every employee is an owner of ECS, further strengthening their commitments to high standards and quality work.


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