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One of the questions they always ask is How did you get into the business of coffee? I always answer Because my family has been involved in it. Its a terrible generalization but, my family comprises of several generation producers originally from Greece, Bulgaria and Mexico planted roots (pun intended) in Honduras in the late 1910s. Our family stretches across the nation starting from Puerto Cortes to the Montecillos Mountain Range. One thing that has stood out is our love for coffee. Cultivating techniques brought over from Europe along- side the passion and vision of the farmers pursuing the very best cup of coffee. Years later, our mission has remained the same: to produce a quality coffee. Long has the nation of Honduras suffered through growing pains of respectability because of poor quality from a few producers. That all seems to be in the past as now we are on the precipice of re-invigorating, re-educating, re-emphasizing the importance of Honduras as a major player in the coffee world. From production to consumption, Honduran coffee is the perfect embodiment of smooth and complex. We, at HighNote Coffee, just love to show off our coffees from Honduras but were not a one trick pony: we love all types, we love complex blends, not to hide imperfections in the individual choices but enhance flavours never thought of. We want to bring our enthusiasm out through our choice of offerings and blends. HighNote Coffee places an emphasis on Honduras as the crown jewel of Central American coffees, to a select variety of single origins from other nations around the world. We will never lay claim to deep knowledge of how a coffee should taste but recognize its complexity and ever changing moods. These are pursuits that started us as producers and now roasters.


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