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ArtResin is a crystal clear epoxy resin created by artists Dave and Rebecca Zak.

ArtResin is a crystal clear epoxy resin that adds a gorgeous, glossy shine and protection to all types of creative projects.

We’re Dave and Rebecca, the co-founders of ArtResin. We loved how our paintings looked under a coat of glossy resin, but didn’t love how its toxic fumes made us ill and discolored our work. When we couldn’t find a clear resin that was safe and easy to use, we decided to make one ourselves.

As artists, we understand what creative people want: a safe and easy epoxy resin for long-lasting, professional results. We're proud to say that ArtResin is a beautiful, clean formula that is easy to apply, has no fumes, no VOCs or BPA, and is non-toxic when used as directed.

ArtResin creates a hard, glossy topcoat that makes your paintings, photos, jewelry, woodwork and other crafts projects look sleek and modern, all while providing long-term clarity and the most efficient yellowing protection on the market.

We’re so happy to share ArtResin with you.

Our customer service hours are Mon-Fri 9:30AM-4:30PM EST.


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