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The original Master Builders are credited with such feats as pyramids and cathedrals. Building projects that without an integrated approach would have never been a reality. Building projects that after centuries continue to marvel visitors. Building projects that became destinations that literally define their environment. This required the dedication, innovation, and cooperation of a team working together as a single entity. That is what comes to mind at gkkworks when thinking of Integrated Services. It’s not just about delivery methods or contracting vehicles. It’s a team approach that when executed well can move people to deliver a project of the highest significance and value. Building owners and operators today may not equate their projects to pyramids or cathedrals, but they do demand the same commitment to excellence in project development. This requires dedication, innovation, and cooperation of their project teams. These same demands are at the core of gkkworks’ integrated philosophy: to unite talented people and partner with clients to improve the built environment through creative, adaptive planning, design, and construction solutions, that respond to our cultural, business, and community needs. gkkworks partners with clients to improve the built environment through creative and adaptive planning, design and construction solutions that respond to our clients’ culture, business and community.


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