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Youth Employment in Natural Resources - Science and Technology Youth Internship program


Wage Funding For Employers to Hire Youth for Roles Related to STEM and Natural Resources

Natural Resources Canada has once again announced funding for youth employment programs for the 2020-2021 fiscal period as part of a commitment for economic recovery and is working with us to create jobs related to STEM in Natural Resources.

We will cover up to 75% of a candidates wages to $22,500 for jobs that require environmental skills and knowledge to produce goods or services  with an environmental benefit within the four sectors below. 

The four sectors in Natural Resources include:

  • Energy – Renewable and Non-Emitting Technologies, Electricity, Transmission and Distribution, Energy Efficiency
  • Forest sector – Forestry and Support Activities, Wood Product Manufacturing, Pulp and Paper Product Manufacturing
  • Minerals/Metals – Junior Mining, Senior Mining, Mining Supply and Services, Mine Reclamation and Closure, Mining Value from Waste
  • Earth Sciences – Environmental Assessment and Environmental Protection, Geology and Geoscience, Natural Hazards, Climate Change Adaptation

Funding is now available for positions in Natural Resources with a focus on Climate Change Adaptation.

You could be eligible for funding up to $30,000 for placements in Northern, Rural, or Remote locations and/or to support youth facing barriers looking for work in the Natural Resources sector.

Placements must be a minimum of six months in length and ending by March 31, 2021. 

Environmental Attributes

  • Eco System & Environmental Conservation
  • Low Energy and Resource Consumption