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UPS Eco Responsible Packaging

You've seen the Eco Responsible Packaging Program logo on a package shipped with UPS and you are curious about what it means. It signifies that the company who shipped this package cares about conservation and protecting the environment. More spepackaging processes and that the company has received approval to affix this label to every package that it ships using these practices. UPS has established the Eco Responsible Packaging Program for our customers who are committed to sustainable packaging. Companies participating in this program will allow cifically, it shows that this company passed a comprehensive UPS evaluation of its UPS to conduct an evaluation of packaging processes. These companies must meet criteria in three areas--damage prevention, right sizing, and materials content--to participate in our program. UPS examines a company's overall shipment packaging processes in determining eligibility for the Eco Responsible Packaging Program. All program participants must meet our rigorous standards to enter and remain in the program. Additionally, this program only takes into account the transportation (secondary) packaging that a company uses. UPS does not evaluate manufacturers' product packaging included within the secondary container; instead, we consider the sustainability of a company's shipment packaging processes for the secondary box and its fill material. The Eco Responsible Packaging Program has been verified by SGS, an inspection, testing, and verification company, and our program is praised by BSR and the Sustainable Packaging Coalition.

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