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Protected Harvest provides third-party certification of crops grown with sustainable agriculture standards, eco-labeling of certified products, and chain of custody from field to retail market. The Protected Harvest program certifies that a producer has met region and crop-specific standards, as approved by its Sustainability Council. Accredited third-party certification agencies audit fields and facilities according to established criteria and determine whether certification is warranted. Certification is supported by SureHarvest Sustainability MIS software, providing growers and auditors the ease of electronic record-keeping and verification. Certification covers growers, chain of custody, and licensing of the eco-label trademark in product packaging and point-of-sale promotional materials. Protected Harvest provides growers, shippers, processors, retailers and food service companies with a standard setting and certification program for a performance-based sustainability eco-label. Protected Harvest is an independent nonprofit organization with a board of directors made of leading environmental NGOs, scientists, and practitioners that approve sustainability standards, while accredited certification firms conduct annual audits and issue certification.

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