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A Greener Product LLC Certification Seal demonstrates that a product has been evaluated against the LEED, LEED for Homes and NAHB green building standards using internationally recognized third-party certification organizations, laboratory test results and/or other supporting documentation. The Seal confirms the product complies with the LEED, LEED for Homes and NAHB standards and may earn credits that contribute to certification under green building rating systems, such as LEED®, LEED for Homes and NAHB. Manufacturers first complete an application form and once the information has been received products are evaluated against the aforementioned standards. Only once a product has been deemed to be in compliance will it be awarded the Greener Product Certification Seal. The purpose of the Greener Product Certification Seal has three purposes: Verify Compliance, Inform and Educate. Our team will review, evaluate and verify products against the LEED and NAHB standards and will; Explain how a product may have sustainable building attributes and contribute toward earning credits in green building rating systems, including the LEED®. and NAHB Green Standards, Review and evaluate the benefits of each product by using independent and internationally recognized third-party certifiers. Provides compliance details on how each product may meet the standard requirements of leading rating agencies i.e. LEED and NAHB and Educate green building professionals on potential product applications through successful case studies.

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