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GA Certified Associate

As you know, demand for greener products and services continues to rise. Building owners and occupants want greater energy efficiency. They also want healthier, more environmentally friendly buildings. As the green building industry grows, so does the market for certified building practitioners. Green Advantage® is helping to meet this demand by providing nationally recognized, non-profit, independent certifications for individuals in the building industry. Green Advantage (GA) now offers two independent certification exam options – the  GA Certified Associate Exam™ - awarding the GACA™ designation and the GA Certified Practitioner Exam™ awarding the GACP™ designation. GA Certified Associate™: The GACA Exam™ focuses on basic construction field principles, means, and methods that help ensure successful green building projects. Candidates for GACA™ certification are responsible for understanding the application of over 200 green building best practices. The exam emphasizes meeting and exceeding green project goals related to building performance, worker and occupant health and safety, crew collaboration, and costs.

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