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Environmental Scientists

The American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists® certifies qualified environmental scientists recommended by peers in their field of specialty as Board Certified Environmental Scientists through certification procedures prescribed by the Academy's Bylaws. Minimum Requirements for Board Certified Environmental Scientist (BCES): Each candidate for certification as a Board Certified Environmental Scientist is required to possess certain minimum qualifications. All candidates shall: Be persons of good moral character and of high ethical integrity and professional standing, as determined by the American Academy of Environmental Scientists Certification Board (AAESCB); possess a degree in environmental science or related science degree acceptable to the AAESCB. Be professionally engaged in environmental science activities on a full time basis; through a combination of credentials review, examinations, and assessment of work experience a judgment is made regarding qualification for specialty certification. This work is entrusted primarily to the Academy's Admissions Committee and staff. However, the final decision to grant a certificate rests with the Board of Trustees of the Academy. The process is completed when the person deemed worthy of certification accepts the certificate and the responsibilities that certification entails.

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