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The Passive House standard is characterized by a very high energy savings compared to conventional new buildings. This saving is achieved by highly efficient buildings and building services. In addition to a careful detailed planning this assumes the use of energy-efficient components. In general, these are components about two to four times as efficient as the corresponding commonly available products. This high energy efficiency is crucial for achieving the Passive House standard. However, the planner can components in terms of their energy efficiency, their durability and to be applied in energy characteristics often difficult to assess: Available characteristics of standardization are often unrealistic or not sufficiently accurate. A reliable project planning is often alone with the manufacturer's instructions is not possible. The Passive House Institute as an independent body tests and certifies products as to their suitability for use in passive houses. Products, the "Passive House suitable component" carry the certificate are tested according to standardized criteria, with respect to their characteristics comparable and of excellent quality energy. Their use facilitates the directions his task significantly and contributes significantly to ensuring the proper functioning of the resulting passive house. our range; Consulting for thermal optimization of products and planning details from the outset; Certification of passive house suitable components and detailed solutions.

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