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Why Advertise

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Consumers turn to Intengine to find businesses that they are proud to support. By utilizing our advertising program, you can help them find your business first. After you’ve signed up for a pro or leader listing, it’s time to explore our advertising options.

Your brand’s message can appear in multiple places throughout the site and is always mobile-friendly.

Advertising Options

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    Website Sponsor

    Large ad on home page immediately below the search form.

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    Category Sponsor

    Large ad at the top of category and subcategory pages.

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    Category Ad

    Medium ad in sidebar during category and subcategory browse. Three of these ads are shown per page view.

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    Sponsored Listings

    Highlight your listing in search results and while browsing the directory. This is based on user location and listing categories.

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    Sponsored Homepage Article

    Educate, communicate and promote your organization’s research, news and initiatives on our homepage for maximum exposure.

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    Sponsored Category Articles

    Establish yourself as a leader in your sector by featuring your organization’s research, news and initiatives in the category of your choice.

Resources for Existing Advertisers

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    • Agriculture, Horticulture & Viticulture
    • Apparel, Textiles & Accessories
    • Automotive & Personal Transportation
    • Baby, Toddlers & Kids Care
    • Books & Publications
    • Business & Professional Services
    • Certification, Labelling & Accreditation
    • Computers & Electronics
    • Conferences, Events & Trade Shows
    • Construction
    • Dining & Entertainment
    • Energy & Environment
    • Finance
    • Fisheries & Aquaculture
    • Fitness, Sports & Recreation
    • Food & Beverage
    • Forestry & Silviculture
    • Healthcare, Nutrition & Healing
    • Hobbies, Crafts & Toys
    • Home & Garden
    • Industry
    • Media & Communications
    • NGOs & Government Resources
    • Office Equipment & Supplies
    • Personal Care, Beauty & Spas
    • Real Estate
    • Specialty
    • Spirituality & Consciousness
    • Sustainability Reporting
    • Transportation & Public Transit
    • Travel, Tourism & Lodging
    • Waste Management & Recycling
    • Water Quality & Water Resource Management

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