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The ACME Computer Company was founded in 1996. Starting off as a small computer sales and service company, ACME began to thrive in the vibrant years leading up to Y2K. In 1999, ACME was approached by a provincial company to become involved in rolling out leading-edge internet services. With the burgeoning growth of internet services after Y2K, ACME quickly grew into a highly-skilled technical services company. In 2005 Robert Beaudoin, the founder of ACME, sold his ownership of the company to an employee, Winston Churchill. Building on a firm foundation of loyal clientele, Winston began to lead the company into an ever-changing technological landscape. Since 2005, The ACME Computer Company has undergone several changes. We have become a province-wide leader in the installation of IPTV, Telecommunications and Network services. Looking into the future, the leadership team at ACME saw a need for Fiber Optic Technical Services. In 2009, we opened our Fiber Optics Department and were immediately met with a great demand. The year 2010 saw ACME ranked as 23rd on Manitobaƕs Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies. As we saw our point of focus shifting, we determined that a name change would be beneficial for the branding of our company, so in 2011 we re-branded our company as ACME Technical Services. We continue to offer computer sales and services but have now added a full range of technical installation services. We continue to seek out new ideas and technology that are attractive to our clients. Having loyal, supportive clients has enabled ACME Technical Services the opportunity to employ over 45 full-time personnel. The future is bright, technology is expanding, and at ACME Technical Services we stand ready and eager to connect innovative technology to serve your needs.

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