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These New Organic Period Products Help Women In Need

Lise Boullard

June 5, 2020

This article first appeared on The Editor's Diary.

Based out of Sidney, B.C. on Vancouver Island, The Ethical Period Company called Joni is revolutionizing the way we think about feminine care products. Their first order of business? Nix the outdated term “feminine care products” and replace it with the more inclusive “period products”.

Next on Joni’s to-do list: enlist their customer’s support on their mission to fight Period Poverty. One in three Canadians under the age of 25 aren’t able to afford pads, tampons and other period products, which can cost as much as $45 in remote communities. Working with NGOs such as The United Way, Joni distributes one box of pads to someone in need for every one that is purchased. Yes, you can tend to your monthly cycle and help someone else in the process!

Another thing that sets Joni’s products apart from others on the market are the beautifully luxe royal blue, yellow and grey boxes they come packaged in. And then there’s the super quality of the pads. Made using organic bamboo and available in day, night or liner options, these have got to be the most luxurious period products I have ever used.

I tend to have very heavy periods that last only a few days, and I always need to wear a pad along with a tampon to catch any “overflow.” I wore Joni’s winged night pads in the P.M. and they were thin as can be and super soft to the touch thanks to an extra soft top sheet for added comfort. They stayed put despite my tossing and turning and there was no leakage which was incredible considering how thin the pads are, (and how heavy my flow is). I was equally impressed with the day pads and the liners, which were just as soft and effective as the night version.

Joni’s pads are also hypoallergenic and antibacterial, which helps to prevent rashes. And they’re OEKO-TEX, ECOCERT and USDA Organic certified, so I felt comfortable with having them against my skin. I’m also trying to move to a zero-waste lifestyle so I was happy that I was able to compost the wrappers, which are BPI-certified and biodegradable.

Are you ready to revamp your monthly routine while also giving back? You can purchase Joni’s pads online, either as a one-off order, or sign up for a monthly subscription.

Tell me, have you ever tried organic and non-toxic period products before? What did you think?


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