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REDWAVE MATE sensor-based recycling sorting technology

Sustainability Matters

June 24, 2020

REDWAVE MATE from REDWAVE is an artificial intelligence system designed to monitor and optimise recycling plants.

The system measures quality and records and analyses information during production, with collected data used to ensure optimal plant and sorting operation. Artificial intelligence is designed to increase plant availability and sorting efficiency, as well as maximise yield and purity.

Communication between the sorting machines takes place in real time and monitoring across platforms makes the flow of information manageable.

Based on REDWAVE 2i technology presented in 2018, REDWAVE MATE links different types of sensors, with predictive parameterisation and further steps towards artificial intelligence.

REDWAVE MATE is designed to optimise plant and sorting operation; improve and optimise sorting rate and final output quality; increase plant availability and sorting efficiency; monitor material flows across platforms; compare individual machine data and recommending parameterisation; produce immediately available data; be available on all commonly available mobile devices; export and process data.


Eco-Innovation, Waste Management & Recycling