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On-tap bubbles save glass from landfill

Sustainability Matters

March 11, 2020

Australians use approximately 17 billion bottles and cans each year. But only 57% of glass we put into our recycling bins is actually recycled, with the remaining 43% destined for landfill, where it takes around one million years to decompose.

So why isn’t it enough to simply put glass bottles in the correct recycling bin? One reason is that due to the presence of unrecyclable waste materials or broken glass, almost half of all recycled glass bottles are deemed unrecyclable, increasing the chances of entire loads being sent to landfill.

To help reduce glass waste, Australians should be aiming to reduce the amount of glass they use. With this in mind, VBUB — a custom-restored 1962 VW Kombi Van that serves Italian prosecco on tap — is doing its bit to reduce glass waste through its environmentally friendly TAP system. Each cylinder stores 20 litres of wine, the equivalent of 26 bottles, which will not be required to be recycled or deposited into landfill. Each cylinder is re-usable, with the glasses used to serve customers being 100% recyclable and BPA-free.

VBUB owners Jessica and Jess Nugent are committed to making their business as sustainable as possible. “At VBUB, we want to ensure that our customers feel as though they are making a positive difference when they drink our prosecco,” Jessica Nugent said.

“Our biggest challenge was to find a good-quality prosecco on tap.

“We wanted something that was more sustainable than single-use bottles. After much searching and sampling, we discovered TAP. wines, a family business based in Melbourne that works closely with individual wineries to provide us with the best-quality bubbles direct from Italy.”

VBUB’s involvement with TAP. wines’ initiative The Carbon Project has contributed to the elimination of 200,000 bottles going to landfill. The Carbon Project is a dedicated empty returns scheme that ensures all TAP. wine single-use kegs are recycled correctly and the re-usable cylinders are refilled 3–4 times per year with premium wines from around the world.

Together with 15 Trees, TAP. wines is also supporting the Koala Clancy Foundation by planting one tree in Victoria’s You Yangs for every keg sold. These trees aim to help protect Australian koalas from habitat loss and rapid population decline.


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