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Computer Maintenance & Support Services

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  • ┬áNarre Warren North
    Australia 3804
    +61 (038) 790-4460

COMPUTER Maintenance & Support Services (CMSS) is a private enterprise established to primarly provide mobile and on-site full IT and technical support as well as personalised training services to:

Small businesses

Home businesses

Home users Schools and educational facilities

Clubs and associations, nursing homes, medical practices

Religious organisations, etc.

WE have hands-on experience in troubleshooting hardware, software, networking issues and we are constantly learning and keeping up with technical development and changes to allow us to be most effective.

WE are committed to providing you a dedicated and personalised support so you can enjoy a reliable and trouble free computer experience.

WE adjust and fit to your individual needs in a timely, responsive and most cost effective manner.

OUR aim is to make your interaction with the computer a productive and pleasurable event, fixing your problems and helping you understand how to use it and care for it efficiently through personalised and caring training and support, all in the comfort and convenience of your home or place of work.

WE are always ready to assist you with valuable technical advice and guidance, be it hardware, networking, software or application troubleshooting so you can get on with your tasks with the least fuss.

WE want to be your first option of reference for all your computer needs or problems.

Primary Location

 Narre Warren North
Australia 3804
+61 (038) 790-4460

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