Horizon Ag Products, L.P.

Distributor/Wholesaler in Modesto, California

Horizon Ag-Products is a bio-technology based manufacturer of innovative plant health solutions. We provide answers to the global need for improving agricultural and horticultural productivity and profitability. In response to a world-community searching for safe and naturally derived chemistries to mitigate environmental stresses that suppress crop production potential and profitability, HAP provides proven laboratory and field-tested solutions to address these issues. We create trusted partnerships with leading agricultural products manufacturers, distributors and retailers to provide organic acids-based chemistries and technologies that will enhance most soil, seed and foliar applied agricultural products. At Horizon Ag-Products, we share in the global responsibility of protecting and preserving our environment today and for future generations with products that are mindful of the world’s diminishing resources. Our research, products, and partnership with agricultural producers and suppliers is tantamount to accomplishing our mission–making sustainable farming and environmental stewardship standard practices throughout the world. As the agricultural industry faces more and more pressure to produce increased food supplies with less inputs and strain on our environment, Horizon Ag-Products is developing innovative plant health solutions that bring the industry – and our world – closer to the goal of sustainability.


Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels

Horizon Ag Products, L.P. has obtained the following Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels


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