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from ForceField EMF Solutions, Inc.

Transposing EMF Radiation into Bio-Available Energy

Out of the electromagnetic field with disharmonious frequencies, the ForceField Card™ transposes this field into natural bio-field energy that strengthens our body, transforming possible harmful radiation into useful energy for the benefit of our physical & mental wellbeing. It is a receiver that absorbs and transposes non natural electromagnetic waves into natural and empowering body-field energy.


Water is the driving force of all nature. Our body consists of more than 90% water. The water inside our body literally resonates with various EMF frequencies. Non-natural radiation from 3G, 4G, 5G transmitters, Wi-Fi, mobile phones, etc., so-called EMF emitters, disturb the subtle balance of the water-clusters in our body. We lose our natural protection through EMF radiation and our system can become unbalanced, which may eventually lead to physical complaints. This innovative and patented ForceField Card™ has been specially developed to reduce negative effects, to which we are constantly exposed by so-called EMF emitters. It stabilizes the natural water-cluster structure in our body fluids. Intercellular water is an important buffer to protect body-cells against incoming electromagnetic fields. The ForceField Card™ strengthens, stabilizes and can restore the protective water clustering structure and thereby reduces negative effects of EMF radiation on our body by up to 9

ForceField EMF Solutions

Environmental Attributes

  • Environmentally-responsible Agricultural Practices
  • Minimal Product Packaging/High Recyclable Content
  • Water Quality & Conservation
  • Reduced Toxicity

Social Attributes

  • Improving the Human Condition
  • Health & Wellness