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Wellons Canada, a member of the Wellons Group, is located in Surrey, British Columbia. Specializing in the design, manufacture and turnkey installation of biomass and gas fired thermal energy systems, and lumber drying kilns, Wellons has the unique in-house ability to offer its clients a total project solution from concept to completion. Energy for Industry: If your goal is to produce green energy from biomass fuel, then your source is Wellons Canada. WellonsĂȘ biomass fired equipment is used in sawmills, engineered board facilities such as OSB and MDF plants, biomass fired electrical generation facilities and combined heat and power (CHP) plants, and green house operations. Wellons stable of combustion technologies can burn a combination of wet or dry fuel and the heat generated can be delivered directly to users, or converted to thermal oil, steam or hot water systems. Leading Canada in Lumber Drying Kilns: Wellons Canada is the leading supplier of lumber drying technology in Canada. WellonsĂȘ ruggedly designed kilns are recognized as both the high quality and most productive available in the market. Designed with and for our customers, Wellons WINKILN and TCS control technology has advanced to the forefront of drying control using real time moisture content measurement above and below fiber saturation as the defining control variable.

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