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Hidi Rae Consulting Engineers Inc. (Hidi Rae) is a full service mechanical, electrical, communications, security and commissioning consultancy with a staff of over 140 employees. Hidi Rae is based in Toronto with branch offices in Calgary, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The dedication and effort of our employees has enabled us to continue to build on our reputation as one of Toronto’s premiere consulting engineering firms. We follow a tradition of building strong relationships with our clients by providing a high level of service regardless of the project size. Our strong commitment to technology and innovation has enabled us to adapt to change within the marketplace as well as the changing business needs of our clients. We are a skilled team of professional engineers, engineering technicians and designers. We offer a broad range of engineering skills and production efficiencies suitable for a wide variety of building typologies and procurement needs. Our size enables us to design large complex projects, while always maintaining the Principals’ constant input throughout the design and construction of every project. We have a responsibility to review all feasible alternatives and to present our clients and colleagues with appropriate options to enable them to make informed business decisions.

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