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SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

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What started as a group of 200 people, all focused on a single project Ð to build and operate the worldÕs longest linear accelerator Ð has grown over the last 50 years into a large and diverse workforce that performs and supports cutting-edge research across a variety of disciplines. Our 1,600 employees include scientists, engineers, technicians and specialists in a wide range of operational support areas, from human resources and business services to facilities, security and maintenance, all working together in a collaborative environment. SLAC employs the best and brightest minds in their fields, and every member of our staff, working individually and in teams, makes important contributions to our success. By tapping into the interest and motivation of our employees and offering guidance and opportunities for development, we seek to provide an enriching work environment. As Stanford employees, SLAC staff members have the opportunity to partner with other world-class talent at one of the worldÕs best universities and can also take advantage of the many educational and social opportunities that Stanford offers.

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