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R. Mancini and Associates, Ltd.

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R. Mancini has been in private practice since 1977. He began designing GeoExchange heat pump systems in 1982, initially to large single-family residential projects. In 1985 he expanded his consulting practice to include electrical engineering services. A new firm was incorporated under the name of Mancini, Saldan Ltd. The expanded firm was directed specifically towards institutional and commercial work. Building on a solid base of commercial and institutional experience, Mr. Mancini applied GeoExchange experience he had gained in residential applications and modified it to suit the varied needs of commercial and institutional projects. The first commercial projects were executed in 1985. By 1992 Mr. Mancini was well known to the industry both in Canada and the United States. With the Canadian firm (now re-named Mancini, Saldan & Associates Ltd.) solidly placed in the GeoExchange industry, Mr. Mancini incorporated R. Mancini and Associates Ltd. and GeoThermax Enviroenergies Inc. primarily to serve the increasing demand for GeoExchange design and technical assistance across North America.

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