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Paddock Drilling, Ltd.

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Paddock Drilling Ltd., a division of Friesen Drillers Ltd., specializes in geotechnical, environmental and ground water related investigations. PaddockÕs main office is located in Brandon Manitoba with a corporate total of six offices spanning three provinces and operational capability throughout Canada. Established in 1982 as a Water Well Drilling Contractor serving agricultural southwestern Manitoba, PDL has grown to become one of Canada's Premier Geotechnical and Environmental Drilling Service companies. With our strong background in groundwater investigation and development; we transfer our vast knowledge and experience into providing superior Geotechnical and Environmental Investigations. Through this, we have established an outstanding record of fulfilling project requirements on time and on budget. Many of these projects have been undertaken under difficult geological and climatic conditions validating that we understand the environments, sensitivities and regulations needed to execute projects in remote locations, while minimizing environmental impacts.

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