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Outreach International Bioenergy, via community organizations, has introduced Strategic Cooperative Concept of "Planting Jatropha PLUS3, that is Jatropha with fast-growing Teakwood, Vetiver Grass and Polinating Bees - in marginal land of Eastern Indonesia in Partnership with Farmers". We believe this program is powerful and will work well because farmers and their grassroots community organizations will see economical, social and environmental values that will benefit them and their families. They will also become the owner of the company, as they will be getting 10% of company's shares. With Jatropha PLUS3 to be planted in NOT FOR FOOD land areas; we plan to equip farmers with tools to aleviate their own poverty. They will also become the major player and user of the green technology that commit to protect our Earth from global warming and other environmental disaster. Our target planting areas are carefully chosen for non food-crop area and farmersÕ willingness to grow for a long-term commitment. We keep on expanding our farmers, community and government networks so these potential areas will be progressively added into our business plan in the near future.

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