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Multi-Power Products, Ltd.



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Multi-Power Products Ltd. was founded in 1984, by its current president Mr. Tom Ulm, as a hydraulic component service, supply, and design company. Initially Multi-PowerÕs focus was on providing its services to the forestry and construction industries in Kelowna, BC, where it built an excellent reputation of supplying quality products and services. It was through this exposure to a wide range of customers that helped diversify Multi-PowerÕs focus. This diversification helped fuel the expansion of the business to include engineering, fabricating, and machining departments. The most significant influence of this expansion came by way of the local exploration and drilling companies. Working with these companies, Multi-PowerÕs drill manufacturing division was born. The drill manufacturing division was founded on building reverse circulation drilling systems, but has since grown to include various other drilling methods such as auger, air core, air/ mud rotary, diamond core, and DTH. Through offering a variety of standard and custom drilling products the manufacturing division is now responsible for the majority of Multi-PowerÕs business. Quality products, 24/7/365 service and drilling industry diversity has made Multi-Power one of CanadaÕs leading manufacturers of drilling and industrial equipment products. Multi-Power takes pride in its capabilities and reputation which now extends world-wide. Multi-Power is large enough to compete and deliver our products internationally, yet are small enough for personalized service. With innovation in mind Multi-Power is constantly expanding our product range of drilling and industrial equipment, and is always willing to design custom units to meet specific customer needs. From design to production and from sales to service, for over 28 years, Multi-Power Products Ltd. has been totally committed to customer satisfaction.

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