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We are passionate about beer and the beer business. We have a strong leadership team and dedicated, hard-working people. WeÕre committed to building our great beer brands the right way. WeÕre focused on creating big ideas and innovations that drive profitable growth and will help create a new era in the American beer industry. We stand behind our values of alcohol responsibility, environmental sustainability, community and ethical business practices. Add it up and youÕll see weÕre dedicated to creating AmericaÕs best beer company. Great People Changing The Way America Enjoys Beer. It takes great people to make great beer, and we know it takes passion, creativity and talent in every area of our business to create AmericaÕs best beer company. Our team is comprised of highly talented individuals who are diverse, dedicated, creative, inclusive and passionate. MillerCoors recognizes the need for a diverse and highly-skilled workforce and supports the growth of diversity in many ways. We actively participate in talent-sourcing with diverse and national organizations, partner with more than 300 diverse suppliers, and support the communities where we live, work, and sell our beer. Our Workplace philosophy is simple: Contribute your best with confidence, grow your career, and together help to create AmericaÕs best beer company.

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