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JOil (S) Pte. Ltd.



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JOil is a company focused on the non-edible oilseed crop, Jatropha, the oil of which is converted into biodiesel, a clean fuel for automotive and other purposes. JOil is supported by TLL, Tata Chemicals Ltd, Toyota Tsusho Corporation and other investors. The businesses of JOil include research on Jatropha plant biotechnology for the production of elite lines, development of tissue culture facilities and nurseries in Singapore and other worldwide locations, sale of elite Jatropha seedlings to prospective commercial cultivators, conduct breeding and agronomy research and advisory on the commercial cultivation of elite Jatropha seedlings. JOil is an active member of Jatropha Working Group of Roundtable for Sustainable Biofuels, and is committed to ensure sustainability.

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