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We are an innovative team of customer-focused professionals dedicated to research, development and manufacture of elegant energy generation and conservation products. The energy industry is going through the same dramatic change today that the computing industry went through 35 years ago. Within a few years, mainframe computing gave way to personal computers. Similarly, today, we are moving from the centralized energy generation model to self-generation. Consumers and businesses can now generate their own energy and manage it independently. At JLM we develop technology products that serve as catalysts for this change. It is an exciting time to be bringing a multi-disciplinary group of technologists together to design and deliver products and solutions for our customers energy needs. At JLM Energy, we develop products that help customers visualize the impact of their energy use. Once you are aware of your habits you can make small lifestyle changes that can help you significantly reduce utility charges. (For instance, what time of day you run the pool pump or your dryer). How? We make smart software that analyzes your energy usage trends and then calculates the exact combination of storage and renewable energy needed to limit the maximum amount of power extracted from the grid. With an energy management system, you can rely on stored power during peak times to lower your bill, and you can feed excess energy back to the grid at a constant rate over the course of the day. We design and build our systems from the ground up in California. It is what we call an integrated solar plus energy storage solution. We do the same for businesses to help them develop a sustainable model and become less dependent on the utility grid.

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