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Attractive collectible item will get the attraction of all collectors, not just from the kids. You like to realize generic items, premiums of big licence or put your ideas into action - we are your partner from A - Z. You will have profit from the ideas, applying for the licence, realization and if you also wish, we will make specifically for you an advertising and promotion plan for your product. Commit your clientele with attractive premiums and increase your sales as it would be a child's play. Success is not an accident. Consumer product in-pack or on-pack promotions that have included attractive collectible items continue to have a proven track record in increasing consumer sell-thru at retail. Premiums also increase customer awareness for almost any consumer product service or charitabel event. Premiums create added excitement and increase a product's higher perceived value at retail. Premiums also create "advertising impressions" when a brand or company logo is used.

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