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Grupo Miguel consists of the companies: Etiquetas y Códigos de Barra, Etiquetas y Cintas Bordadas, Fábrica de Listones Fantasía, ACATEXA, ETI PRINT, E.K.MI and GECSA; who are also partners with INTEGRA and UNIQUE- a fabric producer company that works with circular knitting. We offer an extensive range of trims for confection industry and packaging: woven tapes and woven labels, adhesive stickers, strips and printed labels, printed tags, heat transfer applications, elastics, shoulder and satin, fabric production and finishing, yarn dye, ribbons and much more. We pursue excellence in operations and Customer Service and, therefore, being Vertically Integrated is one of our advantages: Dye House provides flexibility to develop “Dye to Match” yarns for all our weaving processes. Mission: To establish close ties to our customers, with a top level staff that provides quick and dynamic solutions to their needs. Vision: To become a strategic and integral partner of our customers’ supply chain. Financial Strength –over 50 solid years of experience guided by our Founder and actual President, Mr. Hector Miguel Bandek.

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