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At Green Mountain Technologies it’s all about compost. Since 1992 we’ve been dedicated to helping forward-thinking organizations reduce their environmental footprint, save money and produce high quality compost. We are committed to making composting an approachable, affordable and successful undertaking for organizations of any size. We do this through innovative design informed by the coupling of industry experience and ongoing research and development. We are passionate about composting because it saves money and preserves the air, water and soil. We know that different circumstances demand different approaches to composting. With this in mind, Green Mountain Technologies has developed a comprehensive product line that includes sophisticated large-scale technologies for biosolids, windrows, Aerated Static Pile (ASP) solutions, cutting-edge software and probes and some of the most popular in-vessel systems in the country. Michael Bryan-Brown, President and Chief Engineer, has over two decades of experience working on projects like the New York City Biosolids management plan and the construction of the organic waste composting facility for Prince Edward Island, Canada. His designs have not only earned patents and accolades, but most importantly, have made many customers (and the environment) quite happy.

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