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Foster-Stephens makes archival textile storage bags and boxes. We ship internationally from our distribution center in Elk Grove Village, IL. Our market is anyone interested in preserving textiles and family heirlooms; such as dry cleaners, museums, designers, costume archivists, military personnel and of course, families & individuals interested in preserving their heritage. We are committed to recycling within our office/warehouse. All our products are made from materials that are recyclable. We are moving to energy efficient processes and donate to environmental organizations. We are proud of our ongoing efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. Our partnership with allows us to maintain our commitment to providing the best products for protecting textiles for future generations while offsetting the carbon emissions required to provide these products. Our Keepsake boxes and garment storage bags have stored everything from bridal dresses to military uniforms to family keepsake quilts. Because we make our products out of archival grade materials, our boxes and bags are safe for all kinds of textiles.

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