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Dolan Geiman is a nationally recognized mixed media artist creating original paintings, collages, constructions, and limited-edition reproductions. Produced from salvaged wood, found objects, and other recycled materials, Geiman's eco-friendly artwork emerges from a folk art tradition infused with a contemporary, urban style. Originally from Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, Geiman currently lives and works in Chicago along with wife and business partner Ali Marie Geiman. Beyond the recycled and repurposed materials that have been the cornerstone of Dolan's artwork since he first started creating, we at Dolan Geiman Inc. are making more conscious choices to educate ourselves and our patrons and to reduce the environmental impact of our company, both in and out of the studio. Were constantly reviewing our vendors and suppliers in an effort to partner with businesses that share our commitment to the environment. We also donate a percentage of all online sales to avian and wildlife organizations and use a portion of all wholesale orders to plant trees via Trees for a Future. Since we drive across the country to participate in art fairs, a partnership with was a great way for us to help off-set the impact of our business travel. Hoping that future generations can enjoy the flora and fauna that inspire our company and our artwork, Dolan Geiman Inc. supports reforestation projects via this partnership.

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