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Delta Apparel, Inc. specializes in the design, merchandising, sales, and marketing of a variety of lifestyle branded activewear, apparel, and headwear for men, women, juniors, youth, and children at a wide range of price points. Delta became an independent public company in July of 2000. At that time, our business was solely based on the sale of unembellished basic tees. Since then, we have become a diversified branded apparel company through the completion of several acquisitions, which added well-recognized brands and licensed properties to our portfolio, expanded our product offerings and broadened our distribution channels and customer base.

Our products are sold in all distribution tiers and store types, including specialty stores, boutiques, department stores, mid-tier, and mass chains. From a niche distribution standpoint, we also have strong distribution at college bookstores, to the U.S. military, and with independent screen printers. Through Art Gun, we also provide shoppers a “virtual art studio” to create customized graphics on apparel products.

We have a Salt Life® flagship retail store in Jacksonville Beach, the home of the Salt Life brand, and other retail outlet stores featuring our Soffe® products. We believe this diversified distribution allows us to capitalize on our strengths to provide casual activewear and headwear to consumers purchasing from all types of retailers.

We design and internally manufacture the majority of our products, which allows us to offer a high degree of consistency and quality controls as well as leverage scale efficiencies. One of our strengths is the speed at which we can reach the market from design to delivery. 

Delta Apparel, Inc. is an international design, manufacturing, sourcing, and marketing company that features a diverse portfolio of high quality branded and private label activewear apparel and headwear. We specialize in selling a variety of casual and athletic tops and bottoms, embellished and unembellished T-shirts, and licensed and branded clothing and headwear for the ever-changing apparel market. We focus on our broad distribution of apparel products to specialty and boutique stores, upscale and traditional department stores, mid-tier retailers, sporting goods stores, screen printers, and private label accounts. In addition, certain products are sold in college bookstores and to the United States Military.

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