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As one of the fastest growing companies on the current junior and fashion market designs, manufactures and markets the Capelli Group on-trend products under private label - and brand names for men, women and children. Capelli New York, founded in 1990 and based in New York City, is coordinated product lines, fashion accessories, shoes, hosiery, fashion and hair accessories, sleepwear, home furnishings and gift items include. The company with more than 6,000 employees worldwide, maintains shopping and sales offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong, manufacturing facilities in China and showrooms in Germany, England, Europe and Asia. Starting with the procurement of raw materials, innovative design and related product development and manufacturing in its own factories and international distribution of the finished product Capelli New York is able to very quickly adapt to the latest trends in terms of all aspects of the fashion business. Capelli New York is known in the industry for its conviction to represent a position by the company openly that produces items to which it believes. The company provides to an enormous range and wealth of ideas by all product categories ready so that the various trading activities of buyers overlap entirely - and this remains the constant Capelli look consistently made __by all categories. The products of Capelli New York sold at leading department stores, textile chains and discounters in Germany and abroad.

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