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Canadian Biomass Energy Research, Ltd.

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Canadian Biomass Energy Research (CBER) Ltd is a consulting engineering firm with a mission to promote clean, sustainable and successful biomass to energy projects in Canada. CBER evolved from MAWERA (Canada) Ltd, a distributor and installer of biomass energy equipment. CBER no longer sells equipment and is no longer tied to any supplier, but provides objective information that has been gained from 5 years of experience of developing and implementing biomass heating, district heating and combined heat & power projects. As a former distributor and project developer CBER is in a unique position to assess the feasibility and challenges that come along with biomass energy solutions, helping its clients to make the right decision. Serving primarily western Canada, CBER works with communities, first nations, educational and health care facilities, businesses, utilities, and government agencies that are looking for a locally available, renewable energy alternative to fossil fuels. Offering a wide spectrum of consulting and engineering services, CBER assists clients considering or developing biomass systems in determining economic and site feasibility, project design, vendors & technology assessment, funding sources, project implementation and management. CBER also offers services such as market studies, code compliance, and project development to foreign equipment and technology suppliers that intend to enter the North American market. CBER employs a network strategy that grows the existing capacity of project partners to maximize mutual financial, social and environmental benefit.

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