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Camelina Company Espa–a (CCE) is the European reference company for the production of camelina, a sustainable industrial crop. CCE develops camelina plantations for the production of camelina oil and meal. Camelina can be grown as a rotation crop in arid and semiarid dry land regions, reducing this way fallow land, where other oilcrops are less competitive. Camelina oil: sustainable feedstock for the production of biofuels, particularly for aviation biojetfuel. Camelina meal: raw material for the animal feed industry, presenting high protein content. Camelina sativa is an oleaginous plant belonging to the Brassicacean family. It requires medium fertilization and presents draught and frost tolerance. Camelina is an appealing choice for fallow land, marginal land presenting low yields, and is very suitable for cereal rotation schemes. The camelina crop is fully entitled to the common agricultural policy payment rights (CAP). It is also eligible for agro-insurance (Agroseguro, in the case of Spain).__

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