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CaixaBank is the leading retail bank in Spain, with the largest customer base, a robust balance sheet and a culture drawing on deeply engrained values. Its business model is based on specialisation, with a value proposition tailored to each segment; a comprehensive offering of products and services; the largest branch network in the country; a multi-channel approach and reach; and a team of highly-trained specialists. CaixaBankÍs priorities include: achieving exacting quality of service standards; a firm commitment to mobility and digitalisation; and a determination to be set apart by its proximity, robust financial position, capacity for innovation and social responsibility. The GroupÍs mission is to fully satisfy the financial needs of the greatest number of customers through a suitable and comprehensive range of products and excellent quality of service, with a commitment to provide value to customers, shareholders, employees and society as a whole. Our vision is to be the leading financial group in Spain, with a global approach, recognised for its social responsibility, quality of service, financial strength and ability to innovate. The Group bases its business and social initiatives on its corporate values of quality, trust and social commitment. Quality is defined as wanting to serve customers by offering them excellent service and products best suited to their needs. Trust is the result of honesty, professionalism and proximity. Lastly, social commitment is part of the foundation essence of the Group, underlining its objective of contributing to the development of a fairer society where more equal opportunities are available.

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