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BTG Biomass Technology Group BV (BTG) is an independent, private firm which for the past 25 years has specialised in the process of conversion of biomass into biofuels and bio-energy. BTG's two business units, Consultancy and R&D, work in synergy. The business units work on technology and project development, provide strategic advice to customers and carry out availability, feasibility and scenario studies. BTG has proven to be leading as an innovative company in the bio-energy field. The unique combination of Consultancy and R&D is the base for highly innovative and commercially feasible activities. Since its establishment in 1979, BTG has completed over 1,300 assignments. Field experience was gained in more than 80 countries. The long-standing dedication to the promotion and implementation of bio-energy has resulted in the establishment of more than 15 subsidiaries and spin-off companies, as well as more than 55 bio-energy systems and factories. In its pursuit to contribute to a sustainable energy society BTG works on the development of smart technologies that help biomass emulate fossil fuels. Coal, oil and natural gas are non-renewable fossil fuels that are produced in naturally occurring processes in which organic material is converted over a period of millions of years. BTG strives to dramatically reduce the conversion time of these processes in order to shorten the carbon cycle. The rapid conversion of biomass into bio-fuels raises the energy density of the biomass. This enables the refined bio-fuel to be used in the currently existing energy infrastructure.

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