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Blautex Produktions- & Vertriebsges m.b.H.



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As a future-oriented company with more than 50 years of tradition and equally much experience OSH Mathias Raubal eU Blautex became one of the leading companies in the workwear, protection, craft and hobby fashion in Austria. Our trained sales staff is available for you daily. Regional adviser for further information and provide you with information about products and orders. The direct line to the customer is important to us. We are open to any suggestions and always grateful for suggestions. According to the expert knowledge, we point to advantages and disadvantages of products. We simultaneously help not only the safest but also to find the most cost effective and most profitable solution for your business, for labor protection from head to toe. More protection without overspending. We offer complete solutions for any industry. Norm righteous OSH from head to toe, so the helmet to the safety shoes. Through our experience and many years of market research, we know about the requirements of different industries plenty of them. We offer a complete program which works out to all practical and convenient from a resource. Our product management department is available and our staff as a competence center. Our employees are regularly trained, both internally, ie by the T†V or legally recognized professional institutions. The constant contact with our suppliers, but also with institutions from the medical and security is indispensable for us.

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