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BingoBongo.Ca - Get paid to recycle your old phone

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We've spent years finding new homes for unwanted, rejected mobile phones - some broken and second-hand, even some new phones that just became unfashionable before reaching the shelf...

We find new homes for thousands of phones each month - we're one of the best at it and that's why we can get you such great prices for you old mobile phones.

We have strong working relationships with many well-known Networks, Manufacturers, Repair Centres and Retailers. So we're well-suited to take make the most your old phones.

For, two things are extremely important: Great Service (for you) and Mother Nature (for everyone).

Why should you care?

You're basically getting something for nothing - at the same time this is simply a great solution to a common problem.

Technology is shortening the lifespan of many products - making garbage out of products that actually work just fine, they're just 'too old'. So, we think people want be part of the solution by being smart, eco-friendly and getting paid for it all in one shot.

Life is already complicated - trading your phone for cash shouldn't be.

We offer a new life for your old phone, cash for you, and a healthier planet. operates from coast to coast, and turns old phones into cash no matter where you live in Canada.

Essentially we have the ability to make use of your useless phone. That allows us to give you money for it, and then re-sell it to someone else. So you get money for something you don't use, and someone gets a 'new' phone for a great price. Our real service is being the middle man who connects one group of people with another (and we do some technical work in between of course to make sure phones are clean, working and worth the trouble).

We also keep lots of phones from ending up in landfill sites before their time.

To confirm: You get paid while doing a GOOD thing for the planet.

We believe REUSE is a key aspect of RECYCLING.

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