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Beaudin LeProhon



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Master in the fields of air conditioning, ventilation, heating, refrigeration and geothermal. - Residential / Commercial / Industrial - 3 branches: Sherbrooke - Sherbrooke - Saint-Hyacinthe - Founded in 1930, leprohon now has over 200 employees and a fleet of 100 trucks. Refrigeration mechanic, tinsmith, mechanical technician of the building, engineer, draftsman are some of the career opportunities at leprohon. A mature company which, through its vision and stability, innovation never stops! Brands: Carrier, York, Fujitsu, Waterfurnace Products: Wall Unit, Central System, Geothermal, Dual energy, Ventilation system, dehumidifier, ECO ICE, heat pump, cold room, pantry, etc. Affiliated Company: Synthetic Ice of Canada, Action Ventilation, Pollu-Control ICC RP Muller.

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