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Bake'n Joy Foods, Inc.



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Baken Joy Foods, Inc. is an innovative manufacturer of high-quality bakery items for the professional baker, foodservice operator and supermarket instore bakery. Our product lines include premium bakery mixes & bases, frozen batters for muffins, cakes, loaves & more, toppings and fillings, frozen predeposited (ready-to-bake) batters for muffins, cookies, cakes and loaves, and now fully-baked Boston Coffee Cake bundts, loaves and minis. Baken Joy is proud to call Boston Coffee Cake its own! Since the brands inception nearly 20 years ago, Boston Coffee Cake products have been heralded for their high quality and strong customer following. In 2009, a state-of-the-art bakery was built at Baken Joys North Andover headquarters to produce the high-quality coffee cakes, loaf cakes and dessert cakes under the Boston Coffee Cake brand. Building instore bakery and foodservice business with fully baked products remains a focus for Baken Joy as we look ahead. Offering fully baked product along with their ready-to-bake items, Baken Joy is strongly positioned to better service customer needs in many different types of operations. With the third generation at the helm, Baken Joy continues to be a family-owned and privately-held company. Robert M. Ogan is President/CEO, with Jack Waldron as COO, Alice Shepherd as CFO, George Fregone as VP of Marketing and Business Development and Mark Ake as VP of Sales.

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